Steel Luxembourg door handle with key

Steel Luxembourg door handle with key windows window-accessories handles luxembourg with-a-key steel-luxembourg-door-handle-with-key

Name: Steel Luxembourg door handle with key
Material: Aluminum
Producer: Hoppe
Type: Z kluczykiem
Fitting: Winkhaus
Addendum: Secustic Mechanism
Color: F9

The Luxembourg steel window handle with a key from Hoppe is a stylish and functional element that provides additional security thanks to the key function and the Secustik mechanism. This safety accent is also audible, which emphasizes its effectiveness and attention to protecting the home.


  • The handle is certified in accordance with the ENV 1627-1630 standard, recommended for anti-burglary windows.
  • The Secu100 technology used ensures that the handle is protected against twisting and tearing off with a maximum force of 100 Nm.
  • The handle has an integrated locking mechanism that prevents the window from being opened by moving fittings from the outside.
  • The set includes mounting screws M5X50/55.
  • The length of the handle is 136 mm.
  • The base of the handle is 31 mm x 68 mm, 18 mm thick.
  • The spacing of the fixing holes is 43 mm.
  • The handle spindle is adjustable in the range of T32-42.

Product code: 5052418
EAN: 4026058217104

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