We offer installation of windows and doors in three main variants: ordinary installation, warm installation and installation in the insulation layer. Each of these types of installation has its own unique features and advantages, which are worth exploring before making a decision. We invite you to take a look at our offer and use our services to provide you with reliable and effective window and door installation solutions.
 Standard assemblyWarm mountingInstallation in the insulation layer
Durability3-5 years of leakage maintenance15-20 years of leakage maintenanceMore than 20 years of leakage maintenance
UW permeability1.1 UW0.9 UW0.7 UW
Energy efficiencyStandard efficiency, possible thermal bridgingMinimize thermal bridges, better insulationCompliance with standards and guidelines, highest energy efficiency
Reduce heating costsStandard costs, no change for window replacementReduce annual insulation costs by up to 15% (compared to conventional installation)Reduce annual insulation costs by up to 25% (Compared to conventional installation)
Sound insulationStandard insulationImproved sound insulationOptimal sound insulation in compliance with standards
Installation costsLower costsHigher costs associated with better materialsInvestment in upfront costs for long-term savings
ApplicationRecommended for buildings where the main priority is not energy efficiency but cost of installationRecommended in areas where thermal and acoustic insulation parameters are importantRecommended for modern buildings that require the highest standards of energy efficiency, safety and sound insulation.
Products used for installationInstallation foam, anchorInstallation foam, vapour-proof tape, vapour-permeable tapeExpansion tape, under-window profile, liquid window film, quick-setting adhesive, primer, installation board, insulation wedge (type II)