Aluprof Slats Z90

Slats Z90 windows window-accessories facade-blinds aluprof

Name: Slats Z90
Manufacturer: Aluprof
Material: Aluminum
Suitable systems: Adaptive facade blinds , Flush-mounted facade blinds , Self-supporting facade blinds

Z90 slats are a specific type of slats used in facade blinds. The name "Z90" refers to the shape of the slats, which take the form of the letter "Z". This type of slats is characterized by a special construction that provides fuller blackout and additional sound insulation compared to other shapes of slats.

Thanks to their construction, the Z90 slats are more resistant to wind and guarantee stability in extreme weather conditions. Their rotation range is from 0 to 90 degrees, which allows you to control the amount of light entering the room and ensure privacy.


Shapeletter "Z"
Rotation range90 degrees
Types of pins (pins)steel, PVC

Easy rolling

The ladder of strings is arranged in the shape of the number 8, creating a specific pattern that ensures smooth and even rolling of the blinds. Thanks to this, we avoid deadlocks and ensure the efficiency of the system. This solution guarantees convenient and precise adjustment of the amount of light and ensures the durability of the blind structure.

Excellent sound insulation

Z90 slats are made of profiled aluminum, providing them with excellent rigidity and durability. Their special features also include soundproofing gaskets that effectively reduce noise and increase the level of sound insulation. This is especially important in the case of buildings located in close proximity to sources of external noise. Thanks to this, Z90 slats guarantee peaceful and quiet interiors, enabling the creation of a comfortable space for residents and users of the building.

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